Thursday, October 11, 2007


Kenzo Okuzaki's wedding speech from the documentary "The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On" by Kazuo Hara

"This is the wedding of Mr. Otagaki & Miss Sano. My name is Okuzaki & I'm delighted to act as go-between... After graduating from Kobe University, the groom fought the establishment. He was subsequenly arrested. I the go-between, killed a (real estate) broker, shot a sling at Emperor Hirohito, then scattered obscene flyers denouncing him. I served 13 years & nine months in solitary confinement. Three convictions for accounts of murder, assault, & obscenity. This match was made possible because the groom & I both fought against the Establishment. This is a rare wedding... For many of you this country might mean alot, but judging from my experience, not only japan, but any other countries... Nation is a wall between men. It's a big wall that prevents us from joining together. I also consider family a wall. It isolates human beings from eachother & cuts ties. In othr words, it's against divine law. So I intend to continue attacking it. Happy Wedding!"

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Francisco said...

Excellent speech, indeed.