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david russell flickr used without permission
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Rembrandt Self-portrait as an Oriental Potentate with a Kris

As in other works, Rembrandt makes himself the model and dons exotic apparel. A kris is an Indonesian sword but this one is unusual because there is only a wavy blade on one side. Rembrandt used a kris in other works. In his large painting The Blinding of Samson, Samson's eye is pierced with a kris. ject was that word we were using on the first tour this summer, sensing the inner meanings...?

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Kenzo Okuzaki's wedding speech from the documentary "The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On" by Kazuo Hara

"This is the wedding of Mr. Otagaki & Miss Sano. My name is Okuzaki & I'm delighted to act as go-between... After graduating from Kobe University, the groom fought the establishment. He was subsequenly arrested. I the go-between, killed a (real estate) broker, shot a sling at Emperor Hirohito, then scattered obscene flyers denouncing him. I served 13 years & nine months in solitary confinement. Three convictions for accounts of murder, assault, & obscenity. This match was made possible because the groom & I both fought against the Establishment. This is a rare wedding... For many of you this country might mean alot, but judging from my experience, not only japan, but any other countries... Nation is a wall between men. It's a big wall that prevents us from joining together. I also consider family a wall. It isolates human beings from eachother & cuts ties. In othr words, it's against divine law. So I intend to continue attacking it. Happy Wedding!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


...late era Philip Guston paintings! watch "philip guston: a life lived" by michael blackwood. good good.

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it don't Costa lot

Pedro Costa retrospective at Amherst Cinema.

"Where does your hidden smile lie?" = film-makers Straub and Huillet locked in deep process in the editing room. the arguments & ruminations are over apparent minutae, which always spills over into core stuff. spilled milk becomes the flawed dairy industry, or so this metaphor goes.

it's illuminating to watch old friends/collaborators spar in such confines and oddly reaffirms our often-frustrating 5-way-fwoe-process. maybe we are not such knuckleheads afterall.

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littered fields with disconnected group-derived tidbits. i propose a new compositional strategy for compressing these loads of detritus we inherit from editing.